"The invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cole Mohr... Mohr Mohr

On being a model…
“I didn't want to be a model because I didn't also want to be a hooker [laughs]. But I was homeless in New York and like, ‘Alright, either I’m going to get paid to be a piece of meat, or I'm not going to be paid to be a piece of meat.’ Sometimes I feel guilty, like I’m living somebody else’s dream, because I never gave a **** about being a fashion symbol. But…life is good.” 

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Where a label wouldn't fit

My flatmate Jake has style sense which is so intriguing, interesting and simply only his own that I often have to ask if I can photograph what he's wearing. Quite possibly one of my favourite dressed male friends he never ceases to surprise. Sometimes simplistic, occasionally donning a hat, rolled up trouser hems... I couldn't label Jakes look as anything specific as a label just won't fit, he has an individual street style.
"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn" - Gore Vidal

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Stymest effect

"I haven't and I won't conform" - Ash Stymest

Do I really need to comment? I think these photo's speak for themselves x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

"I generally love them" - Gareth Thomas

When you see a striking pair of shoes, you almost always have to have a double look. Whether it's women or men however, seeing my lecturer wearing these was quite a shock to the extent I had to photograph them for my blog. Gareth (my lecturer) told me "I wanted a pair of two-tone brogues and finally found them in Dune". This classical pair of brogues are a timeless style and Gareth snatched them half price for £60. When I asked Gareth how he feels about these shoes he sums it up with a simple statement "I generally love them".

Dune leather brogues £60
Gareth Thomas - My journalism lecturer

Horst a photography genius

Photography by Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Portobello Rd

This striking shop window is a vintage shop on Portobello Rd before you reach the market. It's literally vintage heaven with rails and cases containing the best in designer vintage. Unfortunately prices are non-negotiable but they will reserve an item for you so you have time to get the money off a parent, partner or very lovely friend. 

"Dressing is the fourth bodily function. After breathing, eating and sleeping" Vogue fashion by Linda Watson

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Eat it or wear it?

A good friend of mine Rachael Parkin, has found a genius way of combining our love affair with food and the utter excitement we get when purchasing a piece of jewellery... She has created palm-sized broaches what look like classic biscuits that we have all grown up with, (without the calories) but with added beading and flowers to give them a unique look. These cute almost-edible biscuit-broaches go on sale soon, so in the meantime I'll have to stick with the real thing. I can't wait to get my custard cream broach... :) x

Created by Rachael Parkin

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Is it right that I should really have to live without these boots in my life? What I'd do to be in Lindsey Wixsons shoes x

The day we met

My anticipation grew. Not only at the thought that THE Colin McDowell –renowned fashion journalist, for those who don’t know, you should be ashamed- was appearing at the V&A, but also he was interviewing fashion designer Matthew Williamson, who has now released a coffee table book of his career, which I purchased and he personally signed, to me *grin*.

The talk began with an informal introduction of Williamson from McDowell. And then he entered; pristine and dressed immaculately with hair so great I almost had hair envy. Born in Manchester (a fellow Northerner) Williamson discussed how he went from a regular student studying at college to being accepted into Central Saint Martins at only seventeen to owning his own label making “hot, sexy clothes”. He now owns endless shops internationally as well as collaborating with Debenhams and H&M to make his clothes more accessible.
Over the entire interview there was a feeling amongst the audience that Williamson was a very down to earth man, quite the opposite of the fashion designer stereotype. And surprisingly enough Williamson was grounded: he spoke to me while signing my book and even posed for a picture with me but that aside, after the interview when my friends and I were outside having a natter and a cigarette, he approached us politely and asked to use a lighter to which he then engaged in another conversation with us. At that point I fell in love.
During the interview Williamson discussed how he differed from the other students “I didn’t conform to the way everyone else was”. He embraced colour, staying true to his vision, which later landed him a placement with Zandra Rhodes and then a job at Monsoon.
Williamson’s commitment to designing shines through in his clothing, and something that helped him shine through the masses when he was referred from Plum Sykes to Alexandra Shulman (prior to samples been sent to Sykes due to her “intriguingly original name”.
"When you say Matthew Williamson to a fashion follower, the immediate mental picture is of hot pinks, turquoise, lime jewel hues, embroidery and lace.” Colin McDowell.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Borneo Relaxation

Losing yourself in tranquility can be a result of beautiful scenery and wonderful surroundings. The greatness that is nature can often be overwhelming. Here, my sister Adele relaxes in Borneo in 2009. She's sat on the porch of her hut accommodation  which is a scaled down traditional Borneo long house built up on stilts. Why wasn't I there? x
Photographer: Terry O'Neill Eric Clapton photographed in Surrey in 1993

Model, Erin Fee wearing PVC bow

Beauifully Serene in amazing shorts

Monday, 1 November 2010

A late start

With a late start to my first blog post (thanks to it mysteriously disappearing from my account) the weeks since starting university have passed in great speed and what seems like 7 months is actually only 7 weeks. The feeling of complete comfort amongst the "Woodcote family" is very new to me, especially over only a short period of time. The entire experience up until now seems to have meshed into one enormous blur of fun, which undoubtedly will continue. Despite the fact that missing home and the people who mean so much to me is a hard task in itself, I'm glad to have my "Woodcote family" beside me as I happily blog my way through uni