"The invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Back to Woodcote

So it's finally time to wave goodbye to the dependency of been back at my family house in Sheffield. But to be quite honest I can say I am truly looking forward to my independence and I feel Woodcote Side is now home. The three weeks been back home have been an abundance of fun and my last week made me realise why I do miss Sheffield... My friends and family. My girls are just too much fun, full of laughter and energy, I wish I could pack them up and bring them back with me. Also, in need of suitcase two to pack the family in as I know they would love it down here and I miss them dearly when I'm away. Can someone invent a human sized suitcase please?! My time back home wouldn't have been complete without my mom and I going to see JLS in concert, every year we like to see a few theatre shows, ballets or concerts together and JLS didn't fail to disappoint. I know some of you will be thinking 'JLS, so cheesey' but no, they were amazing and the atmosphere blew me away. My choice of outfit to the JLS concert included my real fox fur vintage scarf which has two heads -one on either end- well this scarf got a lot of attention, and at one point I heard an astonished Yorkshire voice say "that girl is wearing a live animal!", this amused me and was a true sign of been back home.

Upon packing to come back to Woodcote I decided to bring back even more clothing and possibly more "unnecessary items" that I feel I cannot live without. Christmas has been good to me... Books, Clothes, Shoes, DVDs and moneyyyy! Christmas dinner and Christmas food have stuffed me beyond belief so as of a week ago I started a great new year diet to which I have already lost 4lbs :) Talking of the new year, new years eve was an event all of it's own. The cocktails... oh so many cocktails... It was a perfect night, slightly blurred and ending in some sort of toilet nap and all followed by a full day of a hangover. All in all the perfect start to my new year. And finally a mandatory last meal at Napoleons casino and restaurant with my family and friends in tow. Just couldn't have asked for a better break. 2010 to me was: London birthday, cocktails, too much partying, JLS twice, fun at my casino job, family fun, minis and shoe-boots, photo shoots, far too much shopping, Wagamamas, bouncy castle, Woodcote side, fashion friends, meals in Soho, piercings, snow adventures, family Christmas, perfect new years eve!

So hello again Woodcote Side, I know you've missed me because I have missed you. And hello 2011 I'm excited at the thought of what the new year will bring :)