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Monday, 7 March 2011

King Galliano

After following the intense case of the John Galliano arrest and departure from Dior I have to admit I am completely devastated at the happenings. A man I have loved and adored for his talents for as long as I can remember, the genius and talent behind the vision of the late Christian Dior, a man who combines elegant romanticism with dark sexuality at a perfect balance. One of the world's most famous and best paid designers even linked to something of this nature seems ludicrous. So naturally, I took the news badly and thought, this cannot be true? To my disbelief it was, but why would a man of his status, with his intelligence and who has previously suffered from prejudice attacks himself say such a vile, awful thing? My only real answer to this; He was provoked to an extent where he said something awful he later deeply regrets but at the time his mind wasn't at its normal state. 

When the news broke, for me I took the stance which deemed as controversial and took a lot of stick for it. A lot of people agreed (sharing the same view that Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue does) but also a lot did not, however to my surprise after a group discussion in a lecture last week the two tutors had the same opinion as myself. More specifically one tutor - ex fashion editor from ID magazine - was so very devastated by how the media have portrayed him. How she does not think he is in any way rascist or Anti-Semetic, and how she feels he was provoked at the time of high intoxication and was saying the worst possible things to get these people away from him. The discussion was an interesting insight into what the tutors thought about this terrible time for John Galliano. Despite nobody condoning his behaviour and of course how it is wrong on all levels, sympathy was felt for him all round and his talent was not overlooked. I do not for one minute agree with what he said and think what came out of his mouth was utterly awful but like my tutor, I also do not for one minute believe he is genuinely racist or Anti-Semitic and as a long time adorer of John Galliano my loyalty will not waive.

After his statement Wednesday 2nd March my belief that he was provoked stood. He voiced how in fact he was assaulted and harassed "when an individual tried to hit me with a chair having taken violent exception to my look and my clothing." (Link to full statement at end of post.)

Giorgio Armani told how he feels sorry for John Galliano. Following his autumn/winter 2011-12 show earlier today, the Italian designer told the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander, via an interpreter backstage, that he was sorry to hear what had happened to Galliano - acknowledging that it must be a difficult time for him - adding that he was sorry that Galliano had been videotaped without his knowledge - Vogue.co.uk. 

Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue defended Galliano saying he "was clearly provoked, and filmed while obviously inebriated" she went on to suggest that the woman who taped his outburst may have done it for a financial gain.

Model, Jessica Stam even tweeted about her beloved friend - I believe every human being on this earth was created equal. I also don't turn my back on friends when they're in a dark place - Twitter.com.

Full statement online March 2nd 5.03pmhttp://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/110225-john-galliano-arrested-in-paris-for.aspx

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  1. Couldn't agree more! Dior will take a great hit for this. No one would condone what he said but a mistake is a mistake!